Paul Frost
Paul Frost

I am based in the Scottish Highlands.

I started building websites in 1998, mainly as a volunteer, for sports & clubs that I was involved with, but then evolving into a paying job, as other clubs and organisations asked me to build a site for them.

My first site in 2000 was aimed at helping sea kayakers in the south east of England get together and share knowledge (an early social networking site?).

In 2001 my interest in orienteering started and I soon produced sites for orienteering clubs that I belonged to.

In 2006 I discovered ExpressionEngine, a Content Management System that speed up the process of developing complex websites. I first used it for the Scottish Orienteering Association, and haven't looked back since.

Back in 2011 I became very aware that the growth of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets was going to have a big impact on how websites needed to be built. Every site I've built since then has been responsive and viewable on small screens. The continuing evolution of new devices and technology means that keeping on top of the latest best practices is time consuming, but I enjoy the challenge of continual development.

I'm now working with Craft CMS, as it offers an improved experience for the people managing the content.

I specialise in producing sites that are simple in design but are powerful and flexible with lots of advanced features. The key is understanding the needs of the user as well as the website owners. The more flashy or intense the design, the more likely that it will not work on older devices or those with smaller screens. Keeping things simple also means that the page loads faster and is easier to navigate.

You can email me at info 'at' if you would like to know more.