Add results to an event entry

How to add a folder full of files, a single file (that can be HTML, PDF, Excel, Word), manually type in results and add a link to another website (RouteGadget or another club website where the results are hosted).
Also add a report of the event and a gallery of photos taken at the event.

SiTiming now creates a single index.html file rather than a folder full of separate files for splits etc. So unless you have a specific reason to have multiple files use the "+Single Results File" option and ideally keep that file named index.html as it will then open automatically if the folder is accessed directly from a browser.

If you need to update the results files at a later date

Click the X to remove the link to the existing file and then upload the new one.

If this is in a "Multiple Results files" folder you MUST use the same filename as before. When you upload the file it will ask if you want to replace the existing one, Yes you do.

If it is a "Single Results file" you can upload a different filename if you choose to. But the old file will still be saved on the server. You will have to go to Assets and navigate to the folder and then delete the old file there. So it's usually best to keep the same filename.

Link to screencast opens in a new tab.