Adding links to websites, entries and files

How to link to an external website, another entry, or a previously uploaded file or image.

It's a good idea to always tell people when you are sending them off-site rather than just adding link text of "more here". Use something like "More on the XYZ website". Make the link text descriptive, select several words rather than just "here", for example:
"For more detailed information and further links look here."
replace with:
"More detailed information and further links."

It's not good practice to make links open in a new tab.
Some browsers will open the new tab but stay on the current one, so the user doesn't think the link worked and keeps clicking it (This is a bigger problem on mobile devices). Even if it does take them to the new tab, they read the page and then want to go back, so they click the back button and nothing happens. If people want to open a link in a new tab they can make that choice themselves, it should not be forced on them without warning them that it will happen.

Linking to Entries and Assets on the website

Use the "Link to an entry" option rather than pasting the url. This stores it's ID number and then if you re-name, re-title, re-date or move it the link will be updated. This is a particularly common situation with Information section entries (like the league tables), where you might reorganise the structure of sub pages. Also if events have had a date or location change.

Link to Screencast opens in a new tab.