Changing the title/venue or date of an existing entry

Keeping the url in the address bar relevant.

The URL address (Slug) is automatically generated when you create a new entry. For Events it takes the "Event venue" field and adds the date to it and removes any spaces and capital letters, so you end up with something like "writtle-forest-2022-02-20".
The same is true for other entry types except it doesn't add the date.

If there is an existing entry which has the same title it will add a 1 and then 2,3,etc. to the end of the generated Slug. This ensures that all event entries are unique and valid url's.

But the Slug is not updated automatically if you change the title, venue or date afterwards. The best thing to do in such cases is to delete the slug and save the entry, a new slug will then be generated. You can also edit the Slug if you want prior to saving.