General tips before adding a new entry

Things to think about that will make the website look better and more useful to a visitor.

  1. Don't make the title a paragraph, keep it short but specific. "Great results from club" isn't ideal, "Club does well at JK2019" is better.
  2. On longer entries make the opening Summary field a descriptive summary of the whole thing but keep it tight.
    Note: If you want to start a new line but not a new paragraph hold down the shift key when you hit return/enter.
  3. Add a new photo (or more) whenever possible or try and find an existing one that could do.
  4. Before attaching a Word document or PDF that you want people to read question if you could just paste the content into the text field. On small screens HTML webpages are much more readable than a PDF or Word document as they adapt to the screen size and the text re-flows within the screen width. With a PDF you end up zooming out to fit the whole width and then the text is too small to read.
  5. Crop photos to focus in on the important bit (usually the people) and
    re-name the file to something descriptive before uploading them. Too
    many podium shots have the heads so small you can't identify them.