How to get photos for use on the site

Given that nearly everyone has a phone/camera that can take high quality images it shouldn’t be hard to get club members to supply them.

For example, when a planner or organiser visits a site in advance of an event they could take some photos of notable features, either of the terrain or landmarks.

You could also ask in advance if one or two specific people could capture some photos at the event and send them to you.

One of the best options is to find someone in the club who is a keen photographer and set up a photoshoot. Ask some club members to show up in their best club kit and matching tights, headbands etc. Pick a good location that is scenic but well lit, not down in the dark woods.

Suitable images for the header photos on this site need to be letterbox format/ratio, not upright.

Generally, don't copy photos from social media, like facebook etc. They are usually smaller sized and compressed to save space and load fast. Get the original from whoever took the photo.