Naming files/images before uploading them

Ideally you should give files a name that is descriptive but short.

If people are downloading a file it helps them find in in amongst all the other stuff in their downloads folder.

It's also easier for you to reuse images later if you can identify them by description rather than dcn_123754_34.

There should not be any spaces or special characters like:
~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ‘ ”

You-should-use-dashes-like-this or underscores_like_this to separate words.

Try and keep the length under 20 characters.

Try and avoid using the word "final", because there is always an error that needs to be corrected and then you are stuffed.

If you forget, you can rename files in the Assets section by selecting the file and then click on the settings cog icon at the top and then select from the dropdown menu.